6 pcs Screw in Luminous LED Lighted Hunting Arrow Nocks Fit Diameter 6.2mm Shaft

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1)Lighted Nocks  6pcs/Pack. (Default)

Automatically lighted after shoot, you do not need use hand to light it first!

2)Fits all arrows with inside diameter .244" - .248" Arrow Shafts

3)These PRECISION LIGHTED NOCKS are constructed of a super tough polycarbonate material with a press-in-fit design.

4) Insert the nock into shaft, align it to your desired position and you're ready to shoot - no magnets or switches.

5)The nock has a string activated linear switch that is housed within the nock and will not turn on or off accidentally.

6)Battery ( non-replaceable ) last over 24-48 hours.

7)After arrow retrieval simply push back activator switch located in side of nock to the off

Length: 4.6cm/1.8inch

Nocks diameter: Approx. 6.2mm

Material: Plastic + Metal


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